Inspiration boards are not a new thing. In the low tech days of childhood, it was cutting out pictures in a magazine and then taping them into an album.  With the rise of Pinterest as an online place to make digital scrapbooks, with the click of a button, you can make 'boards' to your hearts desire about every aspect of your life.

Seductively, it feels pretty satisfying to peruse and pin so many images to flesh out your own design fantasy aesthetic.

We meet a lot of clients who have hundreds of pins collected as a starting point for their project, whether it be print, film design or wedding. Pinterest has become the tower of babel allowing everyone to speak the same visual language.  In that sense, it's really quite remarkable.

Directors and photographers are famous for having  visually  meaty Pinterest Boards; gorgeous evocative examples of color, texture and lighting inspiration.

Brides also have huge collections of not only their fairy tale dress, floral inspiration and  lots and lots of pictures of their reception inspirations, details, even cakes.

All of this is wonderful.  

Pinterest is great. 

There's only one problem...inviting your guests to an event is an entirely different thing than inviting them to your Pinterest Board.

Between the electronic synapse relay of pressing the 'Pin' button and the moment your guests arrive, or filming starts, amid all the chaos of a timeline, you're going to need a translator and guide to get you from your computer screen to real life, and that is where we come in. 

If you've ever seen the movie 'Being John Malkovich', it's the funny and quirky comedy about a small door in an irrelevant office space, that discovered by the main character (John Cusack) , once the door is open, he is able to not only see everything inside the actor John Malkovich's head, and understand him entirely, and to some degree, act on his behalf.  

Pinterest is kinda like that.

With a link to a client's board, we can see inside their head and get a sense for their style, colors, theme, textures, flowers, light, mood & scenery.    They responded to the images emotionally because they felt a tug.  A detail caught there eye. A picture reminded them of something. This picture or that picture is how they always imagined something would be.....

The really cool part is that we can objectively start to see patterns and a trend where most clients don't have objectivity about why they've chosen different images.

Next, we meet with clients to report what we see and start collaborating on how to bring their ideas to life and to what extent and with what detail.

We break down everything in terms of 'Experiences' and from a early planning stage, how clients would like their event, shoot or film to be experienced by guests or viewers, and we build from there.

It's not rocket science, but it is really satisfying to work with clients who want something to not be good, but rather, GREAT.  Details matter. We're pretty sure they matter to you.

Let's get together and make it gorgeous!

anything worth doing is worth doing beautifully