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About big tree creative and design

The world around us is full of inspiration. Stop and look. Notice the light and the shape of things. Notice the color, texture, the feel, the smells and the sounds. Notice the way these details make you feel. The way we define and remember our lives is tied to the impact these elements have on us and our senses. They become a part of you. 

We'd love to help you tell your story with details that engage the senses and that are unforgettable and beautiful.

Skills Include

Production Design for print or film mediums

Event Design

Floral Design

Custom Fabrication

Unique Rentals

Lighting Design


We are every bit as wonderful as our clients say, because we love to delight.


Helping clients by celebrating uniqueness, listening and creating to perfection.


Inspired by EVERYTHING and motivated by the love of soon to be clients.


We have created everything from small details, tablescapes, whole event design to product shots for style photo shoots and  award-winning full production design for films and commercials.